• 1964-72 Pontiac GTO, Lemans front disc brake for 14" rims

Note:  this setup is designed to clear the OEM 14" drum rim.  Some Olds rims may have trouble without spacers or trimming the wheel disc "folds".  As this setup is restricted[/b] [b]in size, it is also reduced in braking power compared to larger disc setups.   This is no issue with most cars but if you are running a mean-ass RA IV or W30 mill we strongly advise you to get 15" rims and run 11" or larger rotors.

1.  Crack front lug nuts loose.  Block rear wheels.  Jack up front end, and support car with sturdy jackstands.  Remove lug nuts and wheels.  Remove dust cap, cotter pin, nut, washer and bearing.  Pull off drum.

2.  Get a can of AeroKroil or other penetrant, and give the hydraulic line nuts along with drum backing plate nuts and bolts a good squirt.  Break loose hydraulic line nuts, then remove retaining clip.  Remove brake shoes, then upper attaching bolt and lower steering arm bolts.  Remove drum backing plate as a unit.  

3.  Clean off spindle.  Attach disc bracket, with caliper opening to the rear and the caliper mounting nut welds to the inside.  Thread in provided upper bolt, about 1-1/2" long and use a couple small drops of Lok-Tite Red to keep from vibrating loose.  Reattach lower bolts and torque all to 55- foot pounds.  We supply to different size bolts;  5/8 and 1/2, as GM has several different variants of this spindle.  If we send the wrong upper bolt, please notify us by e-mail and we'll send you out the correct set.

4.  Rotor is 1978 Monte Carlo/Cutlass unit.  Insert rotor bearing spacer with taper facing inward.   Wash factory grease off rotor with lacquer thinner, and repack bearings, install new seal and place on spindle.  Insert outer bearing, washer and nut.   Tighten nut with wrench while turning hub.  When snug, back off 1 turn, then tighten nut with fingers. Insert cotter pin.  This should enable the rotor to rotate freely with play.  If so, bend cotter over and install dust cap.    Wash hands well.

5. Lightly lube slide points, then install caliper (1990 Celebrity), then tighten slide bolts to 35 ft-lbs and wipe down rotor with solvent.  Assembly should look as the picture - except for the hose routing: some applications preferred the hose to run down from the caliper, and then up to the hose mount forming a "J".

8.  Attach new hoses (1979 Cadillac Seville) with banjo bolts and new copper crush washers.  Torque to spec.  Attach hose at frame with clip, then tighten hardline nut.  Cycle steering back and forth to verify hose is not interfering with suspension.  

9.  If you are not replacing the master cylinder, bleed brakes and test for leaks.  Remount wheels, lower car and retorque lugnuts.  When  road testing vehicle, do it slowly- no panic stop in the first 50 miles to give the pads a chance to bed-in.


1964-72 Pontiac GTO, Lemans front disc brake for 14" rims

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