• 1941-56 Buick: Special, Super, Century, Roadmaster front disc

Excellent stopping power, fits inside stock rims with minor mods.

Why hunt for worn out or overpriced drum brake components when you can refit your classic Buick with new disc brakes affordably?  These computer designed and CNC laser-cut steel brackets are made in the USA and designed to mount 12" 1971-76 Buick Riviera rotors and 1990-02 Astrovan AWD calipers/pads on your existing drum spindles.   

                          You do not need to remove the spindles from the car to do this.   

And in addition your ball bearings are replaced with more reliable tapered roller bearings (A51 and A3) in this conversion, and you retain your stock 5 on 5" bolt pattern - this will also clear stock Buick rims with very slight massaging on the corners of the calipers.  These brackets will also fit FatmanĀ© drop uprights up to 2-1/2" drop if you modify the calipers and use a shorter upper bolt.

Kit includes: Bracket set, bearing spacers (inner), wheel bearings (inner), hose locks, banjo bolts and cotter pins, dust caps.

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1941-56 Buick: Special, Super, Century, Roadmaster front disc

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