• 1962-72 Plymouth, Dodge "B" & "E" body budget front disc

Change out your inadequate front drums for affordable disc with our US-made CNC laser-cut brackets.  These cold-rolled steel adapters bolt straight on to your drum spindles- no machining is necessary to the spindle, nor any realignment.  We use Lincoln rear rotors (10-1/2", same wheel bolt pattern) and 1990 Chevrolet Celebrity calipers*.  This is specifically designed to clear your OEM 14" rims.  This is a medium duty setup as the rim constricts how big of a rotor/caliper combination will fit.  We also now sell a heavier duty version using a 11-3/4" rotor, found here.


We include the brackets, banjo bolts, cotter pins and hose locks.  The rotors will require the center hole to be opened up on a lathe approximately 0.030".  We can sell rotors ready fit for a modest fee: click here

* we now sell a brand new oversized caliper that shares the same architecture as the Celebrity caliper used in this application.  It uses a Mopar 2-3/4" piston so it will be an EXACT hydraulic match for a later dual master cylinder and will clear the stock drum rim also. 

1962-72 Plymouth, Dodge "B" & "E" body budget front disc

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