• 1960-72 Dodge, Plymouth "A" body, with 9" drums

These conversion brackets uses widely available and inexpensive components to convert your 1960-72 9" drum brake equipped Mopar to disc brake.  You do not need to remove the spindle nor the lower ball joint to do this. You will need to redrill the Toyota Previa rotor hat for the Mopar 5 on 4 inch circle bolt pattern. A paper pattern is provided, or you favorite machinist can do this task easily (we also sell a pair of new NAPA rotors that are drilled for $135 extra). 

With the brackets, a pair of register adapters are provided to keep your rotors centered.  Longer studs are advised, as the rotor hat is almost 1/4" thick where mounted to the hub.  This conversion will fit the 14 x 5" stock Rally's, but not the 14" poverty rims unless some minor grinding is done to the 1990 Celebrity calipers  (note: we have found some brands of caliper will indeed clear the stock rims without grinding).  We also offer fitted calipers for a modest fee along with Hawk HPS pads and stainless flex hoses.

This will not fit the 13" rims.

This will not clear the factory front sway bar

1960-72 Dodge, Plymouth "A" body, with 9" drums

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