• 1964-78 AMC; Javelin, Rambler, Rebel, Pacer, Hornet, Gremlin front disc

We revised our budget solution to stopping your 1964-78 AMC.   You can easily and very economically convert your existing drum or factory disc spindle to disc brake with our AutoCAD engineered brackets. We make these brackets right here in the USA with state-of-the-art Trumpf CNC laser machinery for excellent fit and finish.

This Kit contains Brackets, Banjo Bolts, Hose Clips, and Cotter Pins.

This setup alloys Toyota Previa rotors (10" diameter) with 1979-85 Eldorado hoses and lightweight 1985-90 Chevrolet Celebrity HD calipers and pads, giving you an excellent affordable system that requires only light machining* to your OEM drum hub and preserves the original factory geometry.  This will fit inside your stock 14" wheel also.  You can easily do this for under $250, and will work well with your stock drum master. (we do recommend you change to a dual disc master with an adjustable bias valve in the rear line).

Note some OEM hubs have a larger pilot 2.81" vs. the Previa rotor which has a 2.431" pilot hole.  You will need to machine it down if possible or use our new CNC hubs.

We also offer ready-made hubs to make this conversion that much easier. Note that OEM disc will require use of our disc hubs.

We also now offer an oversize caliper which offers 20% more squeeze (also 20% more pedal swing).  These use the same pads as the Celebrity calipers but have a larger piston.

1964-78 AMC; Javelin, Rambler, Rebel, Pacer, Hornet, Gremlin front disc

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