• 1993-2000 Honda Civic rear disc

This pair of CNC laser-cut and zinc coated (made in the USA) steel brackets are used to convert most drum-brake equipped 1993-2000 Honda Civic rear axle to disc.  This setup seriously simplifies the popular Integra disc swap - You do NOT need to remove or change out your existing swing arms or spindles - so no extensive wrestling with rusty/seized bolts.  We specify all 1997 Acura Integra (not Type R) pieces: the smaller 4 lug rear rotors and calipers with the integral parking brake along with the hoses, master cylinder, combination valve and e-brake cables.  These are as near as your closest Honda dealer, NAPA or other parts house.    These brackets are designed to work with the stock "CIV"drum spindles as shown here:

      This listing fits the "CIV" spindle only!

Note the heavy scalloping with the deeper "CIV" spindle.  Check the chart below to verify that you have the CIV spindle, if not - check our 1984-97 listing to see if your car falls there.

Your existing trailing arm MUST be the all stamped steel piece, not the bolted up forged/stamped piece (earlier design).  This will NOT work with the AWD WagoVan, so don't ask...

Items supplied are 2 zinc-coated brackets, and 12 attaching bolts. 
We strongly recommend changing to a Integra rear disc master cylinder and proportioning block when doing this changeover.  Customer is responsible for verifying spindle type.  A customer did a nice tech writeup here.
Items shipped outside the US domestic market are NOT refundable/returnable as Asian/European spec cars are different - sorry Canada, this applies to you also...


"CIV" spindle

1993-2000 Honda Civic rear disc

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