• 1949-53 Ford front disc

Convert your classic 1949-53 Ford to front disc brake with these brackets (made in the USA).   They are AutoCAD designed and CNC laser cut for excellent tolerance.  These brackets use common and inexpensive rotors (1970-73 Mustang front, 11-1/4") and calipers/pads (1988-91 Chevrolet or GMC 1500 work truck) available from your nearest NAPA, O'Reilly's, Autozone etc. or even your local boneyard.  

Unlike other designs, this setup will allow you to retain your stock drum 15" rims as shown by the picture below.  Also note that the brackets are machined to allow the use of the original attachment hardware and by doing so retains your Ford's alignment setting.  The Mustang rotor also has the same pilot diameter (2.43") as your OEM rims - making your rims properly centered by the hub, not the lugs.  Offset is within 1/8", preserving your original stance.

1949-53 Ford front disc

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