• 1930-32 Plymouth U, PA, PB front disc

Change out your ancient late 1930-32 front drums with 4 bolt spindles for affordable disc with our CNC laser cut brackets (made in the USA).  These cold-rolled steel adapters bolt straight on to your drum spindles.  This setup uses 1977-88 Dodge Diplomat rotors and 1990 Chevrolet Celebrity front calipers, which do not require any realignment or tapping/machining of the spindle.


Note that Hollander shows some 1930's as being an earlier spindle - we do not know the difference between the two.  Email us if you have questions concerning this.  These items are semi-custom; a 2 week delay may occur while they are manufactured.  We also can make a version that uses the GM 5 on 4-3/4" intermediate bolt pattern - tell us which you prefer.

Kit includes pair of brackets, bearing spacers, hose locks, cotter pins and banjo bolts. Additional parts list is included with the bracket kit purchase.

Email us at: tech@scarebird.com for install guide.





1930-32 Plymouth U, PA, PB front disc

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