• 1967-68 full size Pontiac front disc wheel kit for 14" drum wheels

This setup will allow you to convert your drum spindled 1967 through 1968 full size Pontiac to disc brakes, even using the factory 14" drum wheels.  We use Dodge Sprinter rotors, custom hubs and 1971-72 GTO calipers and hoses.  This will also convert the early ball bearings to modern tapered bearings and seals.  Also note that most Canadian market cars are actually full size Chevrolet running gear and this setup will not work - use our Chevy setup.

We include the brackets, bearing spacers and some hardware.

This will work with the stock master cylinder, whether dual, single, power or manual.

Here is how you start, bolting up the brackets...

then you load the hubs with Timken bearings and seals...

secure the rotor temporarily with a couple lug nuts...

slide on and secure the GTO caliper and attach the hoses

As you see this is a really tight fit!  You may need to trim the caliper bolts to clear the wheels.

This will only move your wheels out 5/16" out per side and since it uses the GTO caliper is an excellent match for your Pontiac's existing hydraulics.

We supply:



Redrilled rotors

Calipers with pads



We do not supply master cylinders nor boosters at this time


1967-68 full size Pontiac front disc wheel kit for 14" drum wheels

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