• Late 1965-1974 Chevelle front disc brake for 14" rims

This well proven setup is specifically designed to clear most OEM 14" drum rims *.   Our CNC laser cut brackets combine the 1978 Monte Carlo rotor with the 1990 Chevrolet Celebrity HD caliper for good braking power.  We also now sell a pair of oversize calipers that better match your car's existing stock hydraulics.

GM used several different bolt combinations for this, using 1/2" or 5/8" uppers and 7/16" or 1/2" lowers.  Please verify your car has the bolt sizes shown before ordering.

Listing is for a pair of brackets, upper bolts, bearing spacers, banjo bolts, hose locks and cotter pin only.

* Unfortunately the Oldsmobile rim is a heavy duty wheel and will not clear.

**Chevrolet changed the spindle in mid 1965; prior to this the upper bolt was 1/2" in diameter while the lower was 7/16" diameter.  Later cars had 5/8" upper anchor bolt and 1/2" lower bolt.  Please verify which you have as this version is for the smaller bolts.

Late 1965-1974 Chevelle front disc brake for 14" rims

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