• 1959-64 Chevrolet Impala, SS front disc 14" drum rim

These affordable US made precision CNC laser-cut brackets allow you to do something few other disc conversions will do:

Use you stock OEM 14" drum rims.

They will even fit inside 13" Dayton wheels, along with their clones - It will also maintain your stock offset, unlike the Chevelle-based setups which push the wheel out 7/8" on each side...  We use your existing front drum spindles to convert to disc brakes - you do not need to even remove it from the car.  No machining is necessary, the hardest task here is installing the adjustable proportioning valve (not supplied).  We also improved the design to mount from the front - so no mods are needed to the steering arm to regain turn radius.  And unlike another kit, we also attach to the upper spindle boss as GM intended, not cantilevering the bracket from the lower bolt holes.


This combination uses 1978 Monte Carlo rotors and seals (10-1/2" diameter disc), along with 1990 Celebrity (2-1/2" piston) calipers/pads and 79-81 Camaro front hoses to accomplish this.  This hydraulic combination GM saw fit enough to use on 1982-97 S10 Blazers/S15 Jimmys towing 3500 pounds - so it is easily more than adequate for your 3600 pound Chevy.



1959-64 Chevrolet Impala, SS front disc 14" drum rim

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